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Even though people tend to focus on clothes when the seasons change, shoes are equally as important. With so many types out there, this guide will help you find those must-have shoes. You’ve probably seen them all over Pinterest and Instagram. If you shop for comfort, style, or both, then keep reading for some shoe suggestions that you’ll want to wear.


  1. Closed Toe Bootie

When it comes to shoes, some women prefer a higher heel height and others prefer lower. Depending on the occasion, I would get two different heights. Now that it’s fall, you will want a closed toe bootie. A heel that is between 3-4 inches is great for a night out with friends. Meanwhile, a 1-2 inch heel is better off for work.


  1. Moccasin Slipper


I wouldn’t wear this shoe to go mountain climbing, but this is perfect for a college student. Wear this to class in the morning or to go run errands after work. The chestnut color is the most popular but I also like wearing the pink and gray shades. Moccasins may not be for everyone but they are extremely comfortable.


  1. Running Shoes

For any athletic individual or someone on the go they need a pair of running shoes. My suggestion is to go with the most prominent brands like Adidas, Nike, or New Balance. Other shoes aren’t as comfortable or supportive as classic brands like these. They may not be as stylish but sometimes you need to prioritize somethings usefulness over its style.


  1. Slip On Sneakers

If you don’t want to deal with annoying laces, but still don’t want to wear boots with a heel, try slip on sneakers. With practically no heel height, there are easy to wear in nearly every location. From work to school, these slip on shoes will complement most outfits. Another great use for these types of shoes is traveling. Staying comfortable while still looking stylish. These are my top suggestions for must-have shoes this fall.


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