Your Carry-On Guide For Women

The more you travel the smarter you travel, but that doesn’t mean you don’t forget things from time and time. I am always the first one to say ‘I’ll do that next time.’ I think the carry-on is the biggest afterthought even though it makes the worst part of traveling one of the best if packed correctly. I’ve made a list of things you need for your next flight!

12 Items to bring on your next flight

  1. Backpack: TSA regulations accept a backpack as an acceptable carry-on, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of that and use all of the space you can! 
  2. Extra underwear and socks: This is helpful for a couple of reasons. Luggage gets lost all of the time so in case that happens to you at least you can change your undergarments. Even more likely, your flight is delayed but your luggage is already checked. After waiting for hours you may feel the need to change and at least you can put on something clean that won’t smell like an airport. 
  3. Noise-cancelling headphones: Even if you don’t plan to listen to music these will help you block out as much noise as possible. You never know who you’ll be stuck sitting next to and these will help pretend they aren’t there so you can relax.
  4. Wireless charger: This is one of the best inventions to date. A lot of planes are upgraded to have outlets, but most of the short, domestic flights are on smaller planes that still don’t have them. 
  5. Baby wipes/Disinfecting wipes: If you travel often you also know that there is no way those planes get properly cleaned between flights (if at all). You may get lucky and have a seat which was previously empty or you could be sitting in the same seat as a guy with the flu. Flights are one of the few things most people do regardless of sickness since they can’t cancel. Baby wipes can work as a face wash during those long flights when you feel like you’re wearing all of the germs on the plane. They can also work to clean your seat, tray table and armrests so you can relax while on your flight.  
  6. Travel water bottle: You’re already spending $20 on a gross sandwich so why pay $5 for a water bottle. Fill it in the airport before you get on the flight that way you don’t have to wait for the drink cart to come around.
  7. Bathing suit: This is specific for a beach vacation. If your room isn’t ready when you arrive you won’t have to open your suitcase in the middle of the lobby to run to the pool. This will allow you an easy way to have your suit ready and be able to start relaxing as soon as you arrive. 
  8. Tampons: Even if you don’t think your period is coming you never know if TOM wants to come a little early. Better safe than sorry!
  9. Blanket: Your blanket can be used to wrap around you or as a support pillow. If you’re unlucky you will have that neighbor who turns the AC on high then falls asleep. trust me I sit next to that guy every other flight. Also, planes are uncomfortable and you can make the best of it by getting cozy. 
  10. Powder foundation: This will allow you to refresh before you land. The powder will pass regulations while soaking up any oils on your face from the long flight. This way you will look good when you reach your destination.
  11. Slippers with soles: If you have some extra space, packing a pair of slippers is the best thing you’ll do. You can stay comfy and don’t have to put your other shoes on to go to that nasty bathroom. Speaking of; bring a plastic bag so you can separate the slippers from your other items.
  12. Tablet: If you’ve made the mistake of assuming your plane will have a TV you don’t want to be wrong and end up with nothing to do for hours. Bring a tablet/kindle or anything to keep that flight from feeling like a lifetime. 

Now that you’re prepared you better hope the person next to you isn’t a mooch! 

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